Traveling in Hakone

It has been a very long time that I have never been out for a trip. I stay in a kind of boring life that I’m busy with research in school and busy with part time work every week. In this golden week, I wanted to go out to somewhere to change my spirits. Fortunately, I had three friends who want go with me and we decided to drive by ourselves. I’d like to write something about what we had seen in this trip.
The first day, we went to a small village with fresh air and green trees. I should say it’s the right place that I was looking for. I love the quietness here and the beauties of environment. We stayed in a hotel for a short night but I can feel the peaceful life.
We planned a busy time in the second day. We were going to play in Fuji-Highland for the whole day. It was the place that I found the happiness when I was in my childhood. Of course, we got really tired at the second day. We can also see the Fuji mountain with beautiful snow. We took a lot of photos and enjoyed the beauties. We knew the trip would be in the end soon.
I had a good night after I played in the amusement park. We got up early the next day. And we went to a temple to take beautiful pictures of Fuji mountain. After that, I drove car back home for a long way about 8 hours. A trip with tiredness, also with a lot of happiness! I changed my spirits for a new life after the trip.


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