Beautiful places near Kanazawa

These are the beautiful places I collected in the website. I will show below!

I will add more beautiful places later! It’ll be coming soon!

There are more information about these places in details below. I want to collect enough information. And I will go there if I have time. So, please feel free to join me if you have a good plan and information or you just want to go with me! Please contact me!

  • chirihama 千里浜

Description: It’s full name is, chirihamanagisadoraibuuei(千里浜なぎさドライブウェイ). It is a famous tourism highway at about 8 kilometers and also a bathing beach with a beautiful scenery. For more information, you can refer to Wikipedia in Japanese.

Location: Chirihamamachi, Hakui, Ishikawa Prefecture 925-0054. About 40 kilometers far away from Kanazawa city. Here is the map, you can refer to it.

Useful information: Here are some useful websites about it. I will attach ti below.

A blog: 千里浜なぎさドライブウェイで砂浜を爽快ドライブ!




At last, I will show some beautiful pictures. You can refer it from google images.

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  • shishikukogen 獅子吼高原

Description:Ski courses are constructed on this 350m highland, and visitors can ride on the gondola to get to the top. You can get a fantastic view of the wide Kanazawa plains and the alluvial fans of Tedorigawa River, as well as the Sea of Japan and the Alpine mountain ranges. There are also two leisure facilities, “Park Shishiku” and “Sky Shishiku”, where visitors come and enjoy the winds of the 4 seasons. You can know this in details refer to tourism Ishikawa.(石川旅游) And I will show some import information in a table below.

Location: Ri-110 Yahatamachi, Hakusan, Ishikawa Prefecture 920-2113. About 13 kilometers from Kanazawa city, which is very near Kanazawa. You can see it on the map.

Useful information: Also, some useful websites and information will be shown below. you can click it to refer it!

The map of shishikukogen.


Last, I will show some pictures  and videos from my friend.

Refer the video from here.

Video 1.  Video 2.
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  • suisyohama 水晶浜

Description: A beautiful view of Japan’s first paradise beach, known as Japan’s number 1 beach, which is spread in the coastal bathing beach in fukui prefecture. The blue sea and the sea of white sand, blue and white contrast is very beautiful, which will make people feel satisfied. And, not only the day, the sun and the sky are also excellent, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Location: Takenami, Mihama, Mikata District, Fukui Prefecture 919-1202. You can refer it on the map.

Useful information: Here are some websites about it.

A blog:【福井】水晶浜のビーチ(海水浴場)は透き通った海が超綺麗です!


At last, some beautiful pictures about it!

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  • yasenodangai やせの断崖 Being editing

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  • shiroyonesenmaida 白米千枚田 Being editing

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  • Notojima Aquarium 能登島水族館 Being editing

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  • Uchinadamachi 内灘町 Being editing

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