Smart home device: Weather Station

It has been nearly one year when I came an idea to design a smart home device until I have been awarded several days ago. When I look back at the period of designing the device, I was excited and I am proud it has come true. So, I will write down the details about Weather Station although it had been completed long time ago.

First of all, I would like to show the appearance of Weather Station. I think it looks no bad and it has natural style. Actually, it was worth the efforts because I had no other tools to design a better case.

Figure 1. Weather Station, which can display time, weather, and temperature.

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My latest work

With efforts for two weeks, I made this time and weather station, which can display different data in different directions. Of course, I designed this refer to the work by Erich Styger and made some improvements. Please come here to see more details.